Advanced food technology


Reinventing the concept of flavour.

Avisabor offers new flavours, helping to build the personality
of new consumers with a global identity who seek to establish a link with other cultures through new connections, largely determined by the food they eat and more specifically by its flavour.


  • Development of a customised range of flavours.
  • Glutamate-free final product.
  • Availability of original flavours, unique to the marketplace.
  • Clean and natural labelling.
  • Can be used in a water or oil base.

Some of our solutions

  • Avisabor ® Shish
  • AvisaborⓇ Asian Yellow Sausage
  • AvisaborⓇ Red African Sausage
  • AvisaborⓇ Shawarma
  • Avisabor ® Game

Other products

Gastronomic experiences: the fusion of science, art and innovation.

We respect the naturalness and flavour of fresh products.