Food Solutions

We provide complete 360° solutions for the food industry and large customers.

Business Solutions

We support and promote SMEs by advising them on how to build a better business.


We create basic and standardised blends for SMEs and B2C business.

The Art of Food

Finding the perfect flavour, creating the right experience, designing the ingredient that allows you to enjoy more of what you eat is not just a science, it is an art. The art of those who have been creating and mixing ingredients for more than 40 years to add flavour to your life. Turning every little bite into an inimitable art. The art of those to whom their work is a passion. The art of those who want to make food an art.


Our products

We respect the naturalness and flavour of fresh products.

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We have succeeded in totally reinventing the concept of flavour.

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We achieve an incredible combination of functionality and performance.

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Gastronomic experiences: the fusion of science, art and innovation.

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The best food preservative solutions for the food industry.

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Precision and performance in the production of cooked products.

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Maximum control of oxidative processes.

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The results of in-depth knowledge of ingredients.

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An iconic product line steeped in tradition.

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Harmony and precision in drying and maturing processes.

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Authentic expression of the curing process.

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Achievement of maximum identity and purity through colour.

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We guarantee food quality

Our Creation Process

1. Briefing

Presentation of our brand platform and project conceptualisation.

2. ANVISA Analytics

In-depth and structured analysis of gathered information.

3. Workflow

Different alternatives that offer versatility to the same project.


Pilot testing and design of a minimum viable solution for future industrial up-scaling.

5. Industrial testing

Final tests performed in the most demanding environment.

6. Unique Solution

Obtaining a solution capable of offering a competitive advantage to the client.