Quality policy


Passion for Excellence

Quality is a priority at ANTONIO VILLORIA, S.A.

The Company’s Quality Policy is defined by the general guidelines and objectives established by Management which, in relation to Quality, are set out in the documents of the Quality Management System.


This Quality Policy is governed by the following guidelines:


  1. ANVISA, designs, manufactures and markets additive blends for the food industry, in this process it is an ally of its customers; its analysis technology is available to customers.


  1. ANVISA’s mission:


  • To be seen by our customers as a bridge between science and technology, using the most advanced technology with an innovative approach.
  • To use technology in an innovative way to develop preparations, which when used properly, allow our customers to produce excellent products. 


  1. In order to achieve this mission, ANVISA abides by the following fundamental VALUES:


  • A team of professionally trained, committed and motivated people, highly qualified for their tasks.
  • A spirit of partnership with our customers, prioritising their technological needs over product sales opportunities.
  • Willingness to put our technology, our means and equipment at the disposal of our customers.
  • A corporate spirit of quality, innovation and sustainability


  1. ANVISA’s quality system, supported by the company’s values, is oriented towards fulfilling its mission through the following general lines of action:


  • To do our utmost to guarantee sustainable development and the company’s social and ethical responsibility towards the environment and natural resources, citizens and consumers in general, suppliers, customers and employees. 
  • To guarantee the quality, authenticity and safety of our products, and compliance with legal and contractual requirements with our customers, and with the technical specifications established for each product.
  • To promote a competitive R&D&I strategy in the development of the company, by systematising these R&D&I activities in order to take advantage of the knowledge pool within the organisation, to exploit and protect the results of the R&D&I activities appropriately and promote the use of innovation tools and techniques among personnel that increase our productivity.
  • Continually improve our processes and products, providing the necessary resources to achieve this.
  • To work together with our suppliers while continuing to seek the best suppliers.
  • To optimise costs, in order to offer our customers the most appropriate prices for mutual benefit.
  • To establish a leadership style that promotes teamwork, the generation of innovative ideas, and agile and effective management.
  • Encourage continuous training of all employees, ensuring knowledge of their functions and accountability for their performance, especially with regard to those aspects that are key to food quality and safety.
  • Undertake to comply with, and enforce compliance with, the requirements set out in the Regulations for the Use of the Islamic Board’s Halal Guarantee Mark on certified products. 


Signed.: Paloma Mohíno 

General Director