Advanced food technology


The result of deep knowledge of key ingredients.

Choravi® is a range of integral solutions for the manufacture of sausages and sausage-related products.
An in-depth knowledge of the spice paprika combined with our extensive experience has enabled us to develop a range of products that stand out for their flavour, colour and naturalness.


  • Integral solutions that reduce errors in the weighing of ingredients to a minimum.
  • Maintenance of colouring throughout the life of the product.
  • Uniformity in all manufacturing batches
  • Achieving a quality product even under unfavourable production conditions.
  • Formulas for all presentations: whole or sliced.

Some of our solutions

  • Choravi® 476
  • Choravi® 338
  • Choravi® Ibérico 343
  • Choravi® Chistorra SC 696
  • Choravi® Sarta 342

Other products

An iconic product line steeped in tradition.

Harmony and precision in drying and maturing processes.