Advanced food technology


An iconic line for a product steeped in tradition.

Salavi® offers a series of integral solutions for the production of salami, achieving an end product with the flavour representative of this type of product, preserving the personality that has characterised it for generations.


  • Gives the end product its own identity and prestige in the market.
  • Obtaining a complex product without the need for extensive resources.
  • Integral solutions that reduce errors in the weighing of ingredients to a minimum.
  • Uniformity across all manufacturing batches.
  • Formulas adjusted to all presentations, whole or sliced.

Some of our solutions

  • Salavi® Completo SA
  • Salavi® Pmr 602
  • Salav® Ecológico
  • Salavi® Pmr S/A
  • Salavi® Fuet SA CC

Other products

The results of in-depth knowledge of ingredients.

Harmony and precision in drying and maturing processes.