Advanced food technology


Harmony and precision in the drying and maturation processes.

Ligavi is a range of functional solutions that enable the achievement of homogeneous curing processes, based on a correct maturating and binding, to maintain accuracy and precision of an end product replete with science and tradition.


  • Uniformity in all production batches, standardization that is key for the end customer.
  • Yield optimization through the reduction of waste.
  • Significant improvement in production costs.
  • No interference with other ingredients in the formula (e.g., spices).
  • More visually appealing, both in whole and sliced formats.

Some of our solutions

  • Ligavi 384
  • Ligavi Ibérico Ecológico
  • Ligavi Completo 679 (base ligante+especias)
  • Ligavi S/A 803
  • Ligavi 651

Other products

An iconic product line steeped in tradition.

The results of in-depth knowledge of ingredients.